Trinity Lutheran School - ECEC


  Early Childhood Education Center

The mission of Trinity Lutheran's Early Childhood Education Center is to provide a Christ-centered approach in all areas of the curriculum. With that mission in mind, we are here to assist your family by extending Christian values throughout the school day. We do not intend to be the sole source of Christian influence in the home.

The focus of our program is to develop the whole child: cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Since each child is unique, our preschool programs are designed to meet varied interests and developmental needs.

Our certified preschool teachers express genuine love and concern for each child. Teaching methods are based on a developmentally appropriate philosophy, and a belief that preschool children learn best through play and "hands-on" experiences. Through play, children learn informally many of the skills that will provide foundations for formal learning later.

A Complete Early Childhood Education Program


Our three-year-old preschool class is for children age three by October 1st. The preschool program's focus is to develop children socially and emotionally while introducing basic readiness skills.We offer morning, afternoon, and full day classes.


For children age four by October 1st. The program's focus is to concentrate on social and emotional development while building skills for Kindergarten. We offer morning, afternoon, and full day classes.

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten class is primarily for children who turn five by January 1st. The Junior Kindergarten class is designed for children who will need an extra year of preparation before entering Kindergarten. The program helps children to continue their social and emotional development, while also increasing fine motor skills and readiness skills needed for Kindergarten. We offer morning, afternoon, and full day classes.